A Dream Tiny House That Looks Like the Old French Storyteller with Lots of Special Touches

This tiny house designer built the tiny cabin on wheels of a couples dreams. The couple went to this tiny house designer and asked if they could build them a tiny house on wheels that looks and feels like the old French Storyteller with lots of chandeliers and special touches. It was a different sort of tiny house design request that required plenty of customization and something that they builder hadn't done before. But after lots of planning to determine exactly what the couple wanted the end results are a tiny house design that is like nothing you've seen before. You will want to take a look at the photo gallery of all the unique details that bring this tiny house on wheels to life. The tiny house on wheels took three months to build from start to finish, and it looks like all that time was worth it.

Some of the details of this 28-foot custom tiny cabin on wheels include the board and batt siding, the barrel roof that is dark gray flat metal, and Jeld-Wen windows with tempered glass. The beautiful custom built window shutters have heart cut outs on all of the adorable windows; the custom shutters are black on the outside of the tiny house on wheels and blue on the inside. Outside there is a three foot back porch that is covered by the seven-foot loft. The tiny house on wheels has an outswing door with a Grande Victorian door knob. Inside the walls is paintable plywood that provides a smooth interior. The floor is a weathered oak charlotte vinyl flooring. There are two lofts inside, one with a seven-foot loft that is located above the porch and kitchen that has custom built stairs with drawers and a ladder. The second upstairs loft is the master bedroom that is nine feet long and located over the downstairs bathroom. There is also a custom built L shape recessed stairs to the upstairs loft. The loft has split queen sized beds with individual adjustments. The nine-foot front bathroom has a sliding barn style door.

This tiny cabin on wheels also has plenty of efficient storage space, so the unique tiny house doesn't feel cluttered. There is a one-foot wide bookshelf with an opening to the livingroom that is only visible when the door is closed. Other storage in the tiny house space includes a five-foot custom built storage that has 12 drawers and three upper cubbies in the bathroom and a big spacious utility closet that is located under the stairs. The bathtub is an Ofuro soaking tub, that is a 48 inch Amery polished chrome bathtub with a beautifully finished chrome signature hardware and pasaia tub faucet and fiberglass surround for the tub shower. The bathroom sink is custom with translucent Corian stand (led lit). Rear Kitchen with Glacier Bay kitchen cabinets (drawers only) toe kicks drawers to raise the height of the countertops to 42 inches along with a Corian designer white countertop on one side of the kitchen cabinets and Corian Bedford Marble on the other side of the cabinets. The kitchen sink is und-mount designer white Corian sink with chrome finish Brantford one-handle high arc pullout kitchen faucet. The kitchen also has a Maytag side by side kitchen refrigerator and freezer and a Breville convection toaster oven. It's hard to believe that all this comes in this tiny house on wheels space.

This tiny house on wheels is just one of the designs you will find on the Tiny Idahomes site. You will want to take a look at their gallery of small houses on wheels and tiny house interiors. **

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