Another A wooden home that shows you how to marry the outside with the inside

A home that has an interior and exterior that compliments one another is a design that is well done. And this wood cabin is a good example of how you blend indoor spaces with an outdoor lifestyle. The cabin building built mostly out of wood, aluminum, and glass, sits on a large piece of land where the lawn is always fresh, green and vibrant. The interior of this wood cabin is spacious and sunny, with lots of character, while and an exterior that resembles a modern wood cabin with a small vegetable garden beside a pebbled walkway. The cabin building sits on a large piece of land that has a well-maintained lawn. There is enough space outside this modern wood cabin to have plenty of people over. The wood cabin itself is large with three separate spaces and a large deck that connects all of the space together while providing a good sized entertainment area for sunny days.

The interior of this wood cabin design is just as inspiring, using a lot of white in its largely open floor plan with a sunny outlook. The wooden floor in the cabin building provides warmth, while the fireplace creates a cozy look and feel. Inside there is also a large bookshelf that extends across the whole wall, and an entertainment area in which there is lots of space to relax. The large aluminum and glass doors take you outdoors and offer a seamless transition between both the interior and exterior spaces. This wood cabin utilizes the aluminum and the glass doors and windows which provide lots of natural sunlight for the interior spaces. The wood is light and appears weightless and compliments the surrounding green grass.

The natural building materials used in this cabin building design are what makes the flow between the outdoor and indoor space work. Using wood in this wood cabin design is a good way to help benefit the environment. Using wood that is sustainably harvested helps to store carbon. Trees and wood building materials have a unique ability to store carbon. As a tree grows, the tree takes in carbon out of the atmosphere. When the trees are later harvested and used to make wooden and log cabin building products, the carbon remains stored in the wood and the logs for the life of the building material. About 50 percent of the dried weight of logs and wood is carbon. Wood is also good for both health and wellbeing. Exposure to wooden building materials and wood furniture and fittings has real and measurable health and well-being benefits. Wood helps to lower heart rate and stress responses and helps to encourage greater interaction between people. The right wood also produces less carbon dioxide. Both the production and processing of wood building materials are highly energy efficient, which gives wood products a very low carbon footprint. Wood can quite often be used instead of building materials like steel, aluminum, plastics, or concrete building materials that require large amounts of energy to produce. The right wood is also renewable. Wood that is responsibly sourced is renewable. Forests will regrow which helps to provide a wide range of benefits such as carbon storage, oxygen generation, and forest habitat. Using wood can also help to increase forest cover.

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