Dont Miss the Floorplan of This Winter Log Cabin, Price Inside!

The Winchester log cabin design is a 2,332 square foot wood cabin with three bedrooms, two bathrooms on two stories. The price of the Winchester cabin building is $80,410. The great room in the Winchester log cabin design is great for entertaining. The spacious kitchen has plenty of room for lots of cooks, and the downstairs master bedroom is a comfortable retreat. The bay windows in the master bedroom offer a beautiful view of your location. Upstairs, there is a catwalk and balcony that lead over the great room to the library loft for some quiet reading. Two spacious bedrooms upstairs share a full bath and lots of closet space. The open, uncluttered atmosphere of this beautiful wood cabin is adaptable to many lifestyles.

On the Old Virgina Log Homes site, you will find a variety of log cabin designs. To start, after you have selected your log cabin design you will need to have a foundation to build the wood cabin on. The foundation for your log cabin design is the same as required for any other type of home. You can choose a basement, a crawlspace or slab; it's up to you. Design. The standard wood cabin plans can be modified to fit your needs, providing the wood cabin plans stay within Old Virginia Log Homes structural guidelines. Among their custom wood cabin designs are many shapes, sizes and configurations that range from something as small as an outhouse to a 9,000 square foot luxury log home. Standard log house plans are available to Old Virginia Log Homes customers, and custom wood cabin plans are priced according to size and complexity. Once the logs are set for your log house design, there is no difference than that for a conventional home structure. Old Virginia Log Homes blueprints are detailed, and after the logs are set, any carpenter can finish your wood cabin which eliminates the need for a construction manual.

There are other details you will want to think about when it comes to your log cabin design. Things such as the heating and cooling systems. You will find a wood cabin, as a rule, is easier to heat and cool than a conventional home design one of similar design, due to the thermal mass of the log walls. The thermal mass will keep your log cabin design warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. More energy efficiency can be obtained in a log house, as in any other type of structure, by adding low E windows along with extra insulation in the roof and the subfloor. Of course, this also adds to the cost of your log cabin design. Wiring and plumbing is another thing to consider. The log wall is designed to accommodate the wiring. In most cases, it just takes some common sense and planning to make a log house easy to install wiring and the plumbing than that of a conventional home design. Our construction details show how to run wiring for each system. Drilling holes through the logs is not a necessary step and can make a perfect tunnel for insects. Several customers who have previously owned wood cabins with drilling have requested that the logs not be drilled. Interior walls in your log cabin design are designed to accommodate plumbing and heat ducts along with wiring. A preservative stain may be applied to the logs in your wood cabin if you wish. As long as the logs in the log house are kept high and dry, you will not have problems with decay or deterioration.

You will find the Winchester log cabin design on the Old Virginia Log Homes site. On the site, you will find a variety of log cabin designs, wood cabin plans, cabin building and more. **

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