Dream Big on This Little Tiny Tack House with the Coolest Interior Design

Dream big in this little Tiny Tack House with the coolest interior design. Designing a small house is one of the most exciting parts of the tiny house building process. It's the phase where you get to play around with different ideas and layouts and have some fun with it. Of course designing a small house is much like designing a normal sized house, just more compact. The major difference besides the size, is that instead of planning in rooms, the design is planned more as an open concept space. Usually in a tiny house on wheels there are lofts instead of actual rooms, and the bathroom is the only closed off room in the house. There are those special circumstances when a tiny house design includes a ground floor bedroom with a door, since some people prefer not to climb up ladders or stairs to reach their bed. Ladders can be cumbersome and are kind of hard to climb up and down in the night. This tiny house on wheels does have a sleeping loft with a ladder to access it but it's a nice, larger ladder that would make it easier to scale perhaps. Ladders do save space since they can be stored easily when their not in use. Stair cases can also be build in place of a ladder, and this can also add some extra storage within the stair case.

This Tiny Tack House has a great layout, with the living room taking up the majority of the space on the main floor, and on the other side of the house, there is the kitchen and bathroom area. The kitchen is a nice size, all you really need, with a cook top and a mini fridge. The sleeping loft area is above the kitchen and the bathroom and it seems to have plenty of head room and even a skylight which gives nice, natural overhead lighting. The living room nook is so charming, with a built in seat, equipped with storage, and a nice shelf above for added storage as well to display photos and knick knacks. They even fit a nice bookshelf in for the owner's book collection and any other items they want to display. This is a great example of a tiny house that would be great for a couple to live in together, or a single person. Some couples may prefer more space and two lofts though for extra space. The size of tiny house you build all depends on how much you'll be moving it around and your personal needs and preferences. When you're moving a tiny house around a lot, it's better to go smaller. This gives you the freedom to hitch it up onto your vehicle and tow it behind you as you need to. For more permanent small house living you can go bigger. The larger tiny houses on wheels are heavier to pull and might need a more heavy duty truck to pull them.

Tiny Tack House is a company operating out of Washington state. The owners Chris and Malissa Tack moved cross country to live amongst the trees and mountains where they couldn't be happier. They combined their creative forces to create their tiny house building and designing company and they love helping people get in the tiny house of their dreams. The Tacks have a YouTube channel where they share informational videos on tiny house how-to and diy projects. You can also rent out one of their tiny houses and try out tiny house living for yourself before you jump in head first. Enjoy having a look around their great website and get some inspiration from their great photos and videos.***

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