Enjoy Cottage Living at Its Finest in a Gorgeous 2-Story Houseboat

This little two bedroom cottage embraces small house living at it's finest, and the best part? It's out on the water. This is such a cute house in it's own right, but for anyone who loves to be out on the water, it's like a dream come true. The little houses on the water are the product of Lee's Ford Marina, a hotel resort in Nancy, Kentucky. Lee's Ford Marina Resort was established in 1948, and is home to lodging, a marina and so much more. The cool thing is, you can actually stay in this cute little house on the water, and get a taste for small house living. The tiny house design you see here is a two bedroom cottage with a fully equipped luxury style kitchen and even a cute little patio to sit out on. It might be a little tricky to stay in one of these if you get sea sick though, since the house is right on the water it would be prone to some slight rocking back and forth. The gentle motion of the water could also be very soothing and rock you to sleep every night too. Out at the marina they also have a 5 bedroom option for this houseboat tiny house design which would be great for accommodating a larger group or family.

For those who would prefer to stay on land, they also offer traditional cabins for rent which are equally cozy and comfortable. Living in a house boat like this one would be pretty fun. Like a tiny house on wheels, you could just pick up and move to the next marina or have it towed somewhere on land to an entirely different lake. If it were on the ocean, you could move it to a number of different places. The interior of this cabin isn't all too small at all. Their Heritage Cottage house boats can also be purchased from their website and you could own one for yourself. Staying in the rental first would be a great way to see if small house living is for you, or if house boat living would be for you too. Not only is there a great front patio on the tiny house boat, there is also a roof top patio which would be awesome for gatherings and parties. Inside the home looks much like a modular or mobile home. The living room is right at the front of the house with enough room for full sized furniture, and even a dining room table. The kitchen is smaller, but with the island and all of the counter space it's more than enough room to make some great meals.

They also include a complete washer and dryer set in each of the little houses which is great for busy people who don't have time to get to the laundromat. The bedroom is on the upper floor with great headroom up above, so it's not at all like the lofts you see in tiny houses on wheels. You can actually stand up in one of these. Whether you live in a tiny house on the water, land or on wheels, the tiny house movement is surely gaining momentum with thousands of new people joining the global tiny house community. People choose to go tiny for various reasons, but usually it's for the freedom it brings, as well as the unconventional lifestyle it embraces. People of all ages are considering downsizing into a home like this, or to have one as a vacation home. Enjoy having a look at the great photos on Lee's Ford Marina's Facebook page to get your dose of tiny house design.***

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