Green-Roofed Colorado Home Is Buried into the Earth to Save Energy

If ever a home were to fit more into its surrounding landscape this green-roofed Colorado home takes the prize. With mountains and forests all around this green-roofed, solar energy home fits perfectly into its stunning location in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This solar home was designed by New York-based architecture firm Gluck+, and the architects knew exactly how to give this solar home visual impact at every turn. This stunning solar build known as House in the Mountains is a green-roofed guesthouse thats partially buried underground and seamlessly blends into the natural landscape. The beautifully sunken solar home saves on energy use thanks to the earths thermal inertia combined with solar panels making this home an eco-friendly build.

The solar home is a 2,850-square-foot home that has two rectilinear steel-framed forms that intersect to form the corner of an outdoor swimming pool and an implied courtyard that extends to the existing main solar house. The primary sloped house rises from the south at a 20-degree angle and has the open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen space and then meets the second east-west wing that houses three bedrooms and the garage. The guesthouses placement on the site and the grassy roofs leaves the solar panel building practically invisible from the road. Continuous clerestory glass wraps around the solar building for stunning panoramic views and to let in plenty of natural light. A thick wall of solar panels can be found on the south elevation of the bedroom wing of the house helps to harvest the solar energy that powers the heating for the stunning home and the swimming pool. There is also a white oak rain screen that clads the exterior of the homes bedroom wing, while a beautiful sunken courtyard to the west features a fireplace built into the Corten steel retaining walls. Corten steel is also used for the green roof fascia and the slanted retaining wall to help provide a rich rusty red contrast to the vegetated roof. This beautiful solar home uses plenty of wood, and concrete in its design to help it blend and become a natural extension of its environment. This solar energy home is a good example of how the location and surroundings of a home build should work together to make the home design fit into its natural environment.

Green roofs are just one way to make your home more energy efficient. A green roof is just one way to be environmentally friendly, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. A green roof or living roof has many purposes when used on top of a solar home or wood cabin. Green roofs can also help with absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, creating a natural habitat for wildlife, and these roofs can also help to decrease stress in people as they are so visually beautiful. Green roofs and living roofs are also known to help lower the air temperatures in urban areas. These days you see more and more green roofs, and living roofs, wherever you go from home, builds to commercial buildings and more. Living and green roofs can last up to two to three times longer than standard roofs because they are protected from the ultraviolet radiation and the extreme fluctuations in temperatures that can cause roof membranes to deteriorate. Green and Living roofs can also be used to help feed the community. There are villages in England who have started growing food in community spaces for everyone to pick for free.

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