Hayseed Tiny House Is The Perfect Combination Of Quality And Simplicity

The Hayseed tiny house is the perfect combination of quality and simplicity, and is a unique design for a tiny house. It's so wonderful to see all the different new tiny houses on wheels, each with their own, unique tiny home design. The designs are as different as the people living within them and if you want to build your own tiny house, you'll soon realize what your own unique style is and how to implement that into a tiny home design. For example, this tiny home design features a gambrel roof which is reminiscent of an old, classic barn, though it's not something that's too common on tiny houses yet. This style and design would be perfect for a person who loves that classic country style mixed with some contemporary features. There are other styles of roof that can be implemented in a tiny house design, like a shed roof, which is a roof with only one pitch, or the conventionally pitched roof with two angles meeting at the top. The shed style roof affords a lot of height on one side, but not the other, which is great for single level tiny houses, but you can lose a lot of space in the loft area on one side. The double pitched roof affords lots of ceiling space for a loft area which is why a lot of people choose it, and the gambrel could potentially add even more.

The gambrel roof has two different roof slopes, the two at the top and two on the sizes that slightly angle out. Usually used on barns or barn style homes, the roof is mostly seen used out in the country on farms and the like. Although, there are homes in towns and cities that are implementing the style too. The gambrel roof is great for opening up the ceiling space within the space, as you can see in the photos on the Hayseed Homes website, but they're also great for keeping moisture away from the sides of the house. The angles of the roof allow water and snow to easily slide off of the roof and keep the roof and the exterior finish of the home dry. The gambrel roof also only uses two roof beams which cuts down on the amount of materials needed in the build, therefore cutting down on the price of the build. Inside the home the wood is used for panelling on the walls and the ceiling, giving it a nice, dark and rich tone within. They used different tones of wood which looks really great, and they paired black and grey with it which is a nice combination. Of course, the red door is a nice touch, and the little front porch is the perfect place to relax.

The interior features a great little kitchen with an RV stove and oven, as well as a toilet and stand up shower in the bathroom, but just the one sink, which is fine for some people. The sleeping space upstairs is larger than in some tiny houses on wheels because of the gambrel roof. If you want to build your own tiny house, consider if you want to sleep up in a loft or on the main level. Many people don't like to climb up and down a ladder or stairs so creating a bedroom on the main floor is their preference. If you want easier access, just build some stairs and they can also double as storage in your tiny house. Use this cool tiny home design to inspire you and motivate you to create your own dream home.***

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