Wow! Who Knew Club Soda Would Be Such An Effective Ant-Killer?

Ever have an ant problem and wonder how you could deal with it naturally? Well, Sara McFall has it all figured out. The answer is simple and cheap! All you need is soda water. Wha-at?! Soda water ... read more

Turn Your Roof Into A Garden

Are you living in the city? Do you happen to have some flat roof-space? Are fond of gardening activities? Do you want to incorporate nature in your city living? If this is the case, then why not make ... read more

An Easy And Awesome DIY 72-Hour Vehicle Food Kit Everyone Should Have

This is a great DIY 72-Hour Vehicle Food Kit that you should seriously consider putting together in case of an emergency that occurs to you and your family. This kit does not take long to put together ... read more

The Best 10 Home Remedies To Fight Mosquitoes!

Mosquito bite problem? “Yes! Red marks from mosquito bites are all over my body!” *sad face* Aww, cheer up, bro! You are not alone in this struggle. There are millions of people out there who are havi ... read more

The Technology Of The Future: Spray-On Solar Power

Lots of things “change the world”, but few in the way that Spray-On Solar Power Will Likely Soon Change the World. In 1974, it was estimated that only 6 private homes in North America were exclusive ... read more

Never Let Your House Stink With These 7 DIY Tricks

Home is a place where all the things we love surrounds us. A place where we can relax, we can do whatever we want, a place where we can cook for our dear ones and a place where we feel secured and rej ... read more

DIY Compost Bin In Easy Steps

We cannot deny the fact that our everyday living is associated with tons of garbage. This garbage should be put in the right place of course. If you have garbage that can be used for composting, you m ... read more

Going Off Grid? Use These 12 Helpful Tips!

Society has become increasingly dependent on the city system in this day and age. It has running water that flows endlessly from the tap, and it's clean too. We have access to the grocery stores, the ... read more

Is This Shipping Container More Beautiful Than Your Home?

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” perfectly fits the description of this shipping container home. It is the ugly duckling outside but within lays the beautiful swan. It doesn't really screa ... read more

How To Build An Off-Grid Dream For $11,000

So many brilliant and dedicated people are proving it doesn’t have to cost a bundle to build your new off-grid dream home, just as long as you have realistic, down-to-earth expectations. Take Brian S ... read more

How To Capture Thousands Of Mosquitoes (For Cheap) This Year

It is a fact that all people hate mosquitos, and we have been battling them since the beginning of their existence. Why not try out this DIY Mosquito Trap That Will Catch 1000s of mosquitos this summe ... read more

How To Grow A Plant In A Bottle For 50 Years

His name is David Latimer and in 1960 he decided to plant a little garden into a fairly large bottle. He watered it once, and then in 1972 he sealed it up tight. Once in a while he moves to a window ... read more

The REAL Reason Why Off-Grid Is Trending

"Who says off-grid is not Popular" doesn't know what they are talking about, off grid homes have never been so talked about. Tiny house living is the way to go when you are thinking of downsizing fro ... read more

How To Make Your Own All-Natural Compost Heap

People have been coming up with some incredibly creative ways of using pallets these days, from benches to headboards, to planters, and in this article - a compost bin. Because they are used for s ... read more

NEW: All-Natural Wifi (using WIRELESS Electricity!)

Imagine if you could power your cellular phone wirelessly, as if from thin air. Wireless electricity kind of sounds like something from a badly imagined and poorly written 1970’s science fiction novel ... read more

How To Plant INSIDE Rocks!

In many parts of the world, spring is just around the corner. If you are running out of ideas as to what you can use as garden containers we have some great suggestions. If are starting to think about ... read more

How To Naturally Make Your Home Less Stinky

Home is a place where all the things we love surrounds us. A place where we can relax, we can do whatever we want, a place where we can cook for our dear ones and a place where we feel secured and rej ... read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider The Design Tiny Home

Going off grid is a thought in many peoples minds, especially with the lean towards living environmentally friendly and trying to reduce our carbon footprint. While going off grid sounds like a great ... read more

How To FINALLY Craft Your Own Minecraft Tools

Ever since its release in 2009, Minecraft has fascinated and intrigued people of all backgrounds and ages, especially those who really love to see their favorite cityscapes, vistas and giant construct ... read more

How To Use Solar Energy To (Quickly) Charge Your Phone Battery

If the idea of unlimited solar power appeals to you, then this is going to be an awesome DIY project for you. If you're like me, I am sure that there have been times when you've been caught out on a l ... read more

These Off-The-Grid Homes Are As Fuel-Efficient As They Are Breathtaking!

With all of the problems with the fossil fuels being the reason for pollution, wars and poverty, going off grid is seeming like a better idea to a lot of people these days. Here are Another 21 Amazing ... read more

A Cheap, Efficient Way For Heating A Home (For 12 Cents A Day!)

For those of us who are 'thrifty' at heart and concerned about how to continue living well in a world with high utility costs that just keep getting higher, the title of this fun little article will l ... read more

For Impatient Farmers Who Can't Wait For Veggies To Naturally Grow

One of the hardest parts of being a new gardener is finding the patience to wait for your newly planted seeds to grow. In a world of instant gratification waiting even a couple of weeks for seeds to s ... read more

8 Homes That Are 100% Powered By The Sun

You will love these 8 Homes That Are 100% Powered By The Sun. Solar-powered off grid houses are no longer reserved just for the rich. Never have solar powered and off grid houses been more affordable ... read more

She Finds Clay In Nature And Makes Pottery From Scratch

If you’re interested in the off grid life, you might want to learn how the ancient Anasazi people made their beautiful hand-crafted pottery. This enlightening video poem, featuring artist Kelly Magleb ... read more

Off-Grid Capsules That Promote Green Living

Dreaming of going off the grid and living a simpler, carbon-free life? Then you’ll really want to check out these off-grid capsules that promote green living. Whether you are interested in tiny homes, ... read more

Love Pizza? Make Your Own Pizza Oven Using Only Two Things

This fun DIY project to "Make Your Own Pizza Oven For Cheap Using A Fire Pit And A Flower Pot" is so easy most anyone can do it. With so many pizza toppings, it's probably safe to say there is a pizza ... read more

Is Tiny House MORE IMPRESSIVE Than Your `

Constructing your own dream house can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling projects you can undertake. Grabbing the chance to plan out and design each step of the process and making firm decisio ... read more

Caution: These Plants Are Terrifying As Sh**

There is so much beauty in nature. But there is danger in it as well. Who would've known that even the most simple and plain looking plants can be potentially harmful and dangerous. Same as humans, an ... read more

How To Keep Great Hygiene (While Living Off The Grid)

Living off the grid provides us with the opportunity for sustainable and simple living and live with respect for our environment. Living off the grid also means providing your own energy. Also, you ... read more
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