People Love This Amazing Tiny House in Snow

The snow falling over this small house on wheels with trees all around looks inviting and cozy. There is something irresistible about falling snow, and this tiny cabin looks like a nice place to be on a beautiful day such as the one in the photo. With its front patio, wooden exterior and red trim the tiny house on wheels would be the perfect place to spend a winter holiday or vacation in. This tiny house on wheels is a nice size with an upstairs loft, and an open kitchen/living room and dining area. It would be a nice place to spend some time with the kids or friends and get close to nature.

This tiny house on wheels has all the comforts you need to live comfortably from the upstairs loft for sleeping, to the spacious kitchen and high ceilings. This tiny house interior design is appealing as the exterior, with the red trim combined with the wood giving this home its unique look. This small house on wheels strikes a pretty picture. There is something about falling snow that we simply can't resist. As the snow falls and covers the trees, the landscape and the houses we can't help but want to cozy up in front of the fire and watch it fall, there is something magic about the snow falling.

Did you know that snowflakes aren't the only form of snow? Snow can also precipitate in the form of graupel or sleet. These are not to be confused with hail. Graupel otherwise known as snow pallets are opaque ice particles that form in the atmosphere as ice crystals which fall through the freezing cloud droplets. This means that the cloud particles in the sky that are colder than the freezing point of water but remain liquid. It is these cloud droplets that group together to form the soft, lumpy mass. Sleet is when drops of rain freeze into small, translucent balls of ice as they fall from the sky. You may have heard the saying that no two snowflakes are the same, that however is a myth. In 1988 there was a scientist who found two identical snow crystals that came from a snow storm in Wisconsin. The largest snowflake that was ever found was 15 inches wide. And according to sources, the large snowflake fell during a big snowstorm in January of 1887 at Fort Keogh in Montana. Witnesses said that the snowflakes that were falling were larger than milk pans, there is, however, no substantiated proof of this. Snow is not white but translucent. This is because the ice particles that snow is made up of is colorless. Because it is translucent, light does not pass through the snowflake easily like it might do if it were transparent glass. So light is reflected off of the snowflake's faceted surface which creates the white appearance for which snowflakes are known. The reason we see snowflakes as white is that some wavelengths of light are absorbed while other wavelengths are reflected. So in the case of the snowflake, there is no wavelength absorbed or reflected with any consistency, so the white light bounces back as the color white, so we see it as white. One of the amazing wonders of nature.

This tiny house on wheels is just one of the tiny cabins you will find on the Facebook - Tiny House Concept site. On the site, you can see more tiny house snow covered photos, along with the interior of this adorable tiny house designs, with lots of wood, efficient use of space, a wood stove and lots of windows to let in natural light. **

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