See Why Single Houses Are the New Trend in Residential Construction

You may already be aware of the significant impact the tiny house movement is having on the housing market and the types of houses we build. See why single houses are the new trend in residential construction. For the last several decades the housing market has been showing signs of growth. People seemed to continue to want larger and larger houses to live in, even if they didn't have a large family. What we see on TV and in the movies tends to leave it's mark on us, subconsciously prodding us to live in houses, drive cars and dress as people do in these scenes of fantasy. Even in reality television, we're bombarded with people like the Kardashians or other celebrities that are living large and very expensively. But for most people in America, that's not their reality, and living in a 4000 plus square foot home is just not something they could afford or that they even really want. Some cities are also not able to handle the rate of expansion that building a bunch of large houses brings. So they get built closer and closer together, affording little to no room for natural elements like trees and yards for kids to play in.

While it's not wrong to want a large house, building a large house in a well-established city, especially one of the coastal cities, doesn't really make sense at this time. This is why people are becoming more interested in small house living. The only other way to create more living space for people inhabiting the cities is to build upward, creating huge apartment and condo complexes. Many people don't enjoy living in a building surrounded by neighbors stacked on top of each other, with little to no green space to enjoy. Also, elderly folks would rather live on the ground for mobility purposes. Younger people want a home of their own, but singles and young couples who don't have children don't need all of the space conventional houses offer, so they're looking for something more. Sascha Haas, a designer from Austria, began creating single tiny house designs back in 2007 when he saw a need for it in the housing market. In Austria and Germany, houses seemed to be designed for families, so he drew upon some design inspiration from places like Italy and Switzerland who already had single housing in place.

The tiny house movement isn't something new in older cities in Europe. They European people have been living in smaller quarters for centuries to save space within the city. But now, these ideas for small house living are catching on in the United States and in Canada. At first, Sascha's tiny house designs didn't really sell, but now they are more popular than ever with people of all ages purchasing them. His tiny house designs are beautiful, and all of the houses are created out of steel for easy transportation. The one we see in the photo here has a sophisticated, contemporary design with nice, large windows, and even a spiral staircase outside, leading up to a rooftop terrace. Small house living isn't looked down upon like it maybe used to be from the 50s until the early 21st century. It's being seen now as a more responsible way to live that saves energy and reduces the personal carbon footprint, lessening the strain on the Earth. The affordability of the tiny houses also gives people another option when it comes to where they choose to live, a more affordable option that may not incur a ton of debt moving forward, and if it does, it's easily paid off in a few years. Check out some of the great tiny house designs on Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.***

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