She Would NEVER Trade Her Charming Tiny Home For A Larger One - When You See It, You Will Definitely Agree

Love all things tiny? Have a look at the Avonlea tiny house design from Baluchon. The home belongs to Frdrique, a woman who enjoys the freedom that living in a tiny house gives her and wouldn't trade it for living in a larger home.

Her home is called the Avonlea, and it has so much charm and class. From the outside, the home looks warm and welcoming with a large sheltered porch and two outdoor benches as well as motion detector LED spotlights. As you can see, there are also a lot of windows in this tiny house design, including a cute round window over the porch. The land Frdrique is parked on is beautiful, and she has some nice privacy around her too. She also placed some potted plants around her home to make it feel more homey and personalized as well which is a very nice idea. If you lived in a tiny house on wheels and you didn't want to create a garden on your rental property you could do some container gardening so that you could bring all of your plants with you if you happen to move.

Inside, because of all the nice windows, there is a ton of natural light in the space. The solid oak flooring is beautiful and creates a nice warmth in the house, and the staircase leading up to the loft is also constructed out of oak as well. Then we have the kitchen which contains plenty of storage, including some cool raw clay bins to keep wine the perfect temperature. She also has lovely butcher block countertops as well as a built-in propane cooking range, a microwave and a fridge. The bathroom has a shower and a composting toilet with a wood chip compartment and a stainless bucket. Frdrique is a bookseller, so she also included tons of book storage for her own book collection in her home showing that you don't have to give up the things you love when you're living tiny. She also has a nice large desk to work at and a big mirror in the main area of the house which creates the illusion of more space. They also left the ceiling space open in the living area which makes the space feel spacious. She has one loft which serves as her bedroom, and it's accessed by the gorgeous wooden staircase that also features storage, and there's even a sleeping cubby for her dog which is so great.

The Avonlea was delivered to Frdrique's rented parking space where she now lives in it as a full-time residence with her two dogs Jenny and Flanelle. Some of the other details of the tiny house design that might be of interest those who are interested in small house living include the sheep's wool insulation in the floor, cotton, linen and hemp insulation for the walls and wood fibre insulation for the ceiling. The windows are double glazed with black casings giving them a very modern look. A more affordable choice for windows is the generic ones in a white casing which look great too. You can also do some nice wood trim around them to dress them up a bit. People are attracted to small house living for different reasons, but one of the most common reasons is to save money or get out of debt. With the money, you save on living expenses you can use it to travel or buy things that you love. Another reason people go tiny is to help do their part to take care of the environment by having a smaller footprint.***

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