Take A Look At This Amazing Crater Lake Log Home

Looking at different log house designs is a great way to familiarize yourself with different styles, sizes and types of log houses. So if you're thinking about building a log house of your own, you're going to want to start out by looking through some different plans and designs for inspiration. You also should get clear on the style of log house you'd like to build. Do you want a traditional log house or a more contemporary style? You will also need to decide on the size of your log house and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you'll need as well as the other rooms in the home like the kitchen, living room, dining room and so on. The next most important thing is to find a log house building company that you can comfortably work with to bring your dreams to reality. It's important to find a company you trust and that you can communicate well with. If you're building your log house in the Sugarcreek, Ohio area, maybe Wallnut Valley Homes will be the company you choose to go with. The company has a variety of different log house designs to choose from, and they are flexible when it comes to the style of design. So they are willing to build in either the traditional style or the contemporary style.

The Crater Lake Log Home is one of their beautiful log house designs. This one is built on a slight slope, so it takes advantage of the natural landscape without trying to change it too much. They do this with most of their designs and often, you'll see their homes built on hillsides or even cliffsides. Building in such a way can be cost-effective because you're not having to worry about planing or leveling your land, which can be costly. It can also be a great way to provide a nice walk out basement area. Having a finished basement foundation can provide the home with more space to add in bedrooms and lounging space too. Some people even create full suites in their basements to rent out to people. The logs used to build this home were paired with some beautiful stones that make up the bottom portion of the house. This is something that was often done throughout history and we see many historical buildings built with stone. Stone, like wood is very durable and it's also natural like wood which would provide you with a completely natural building. They also look great together, especially when the home is placed in a natural setting like this one is.

Inside, the home's design features impressive vaulted ceilings with gorgeous log beams towering overhead. The stunning stone fireplace is also an iconic feature of any log house, and this one is beautifully crafted. The windows surrounding the fireplace provide great views of the surrounding landscapes, and they also offer tons of natural light which is always nice. Log houses can tend to be on the darker side on the interior, which is why it's so important to incorporate a lot of windows into your designs. Just be sure you get energy efficient windows so your home can stay nice and warm in colder weather. The kitchen in the design is the perfect size for a family home, and they did an amazing job of creating the custom wood cabinetry as well as the nice concrete slab countertops. This is just one of the many beautiful log house designs this log home building company has to offer so have a look around at some of the other ones in their collection.***

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