The Busch Residence Is A Custom Designed Log Home With Wonderful Interior Take A Look!

Here's a log house design that has a great mix of traditional and modern style. It's a simple and stunning log home that was built for a couple entering their next stage of life together. The couple had always had a log cabin on the property but it was built a while ago, and even though it served as a great vacation cabin, there was a lot of work to do to get it in shape for them to live in full time when they retired. Pretty much everyone in the area only had outhouses too so the couple needed to add bathrooms to their home as well as a bunch of other additions. The didn't want to tear down their old log cabin because of the sentimental value it held for them. Spending summers at the cabin with their kids brought back fond memories for both Alice and George, so they decided to work with Honest Abe Log Homes to add some other rooms to the home and update the cabin. They found the perfect log house designs to add onto their existing cabin, and they went to a log home raising event that was hosted by Rocky-K and Honest Abe Log Homes where they learned about different log home building techniques and log profiles.

It's great to learn as much as you can about log home building when you're building one yourself. This way you can feel that much more connected to your home. Once you have your initial log house designs ready, you can take them to the company you're working with to create your home so they can put them into real floor plans. This is when you can really see the home come to life. You may make a few adjustments over the planning period too which is normal. Once you see the floor plan all laid out, it's easy to see areas to improve the design and make it more efficient. Once your designs are ready, the building package can then be created. Then either you can assemble the home yourself, or have Honest Abe's contractors do it for you. Honest Abe has a Construction Department that offers a Dry-in Service. This construction service will include the first-floor framing and the subfloor, the construction of the ceiling beam system

and the roof system. They also put the gable ends in place and install soffits, fascia and dormer trim. The exterior doors and windows are also installed, and the interior walls and stairs are roughed in. They will even build the porches and decks on your home which is great.

They also have their Honest Abe HELP Build Program which will put you in contact with professional contractors that can finish your log house. This is an expansion of the dry-in service, that helps new log home owners finish their log house, so it's move-in ready. Honest Abe helps their customers to locate qualified tradesmen, including log home builders, plumbers, masons, electricians, excavators, and more. Honest Abe is also great when it comes to educating their customers on log home building offering a few different courses online. You can learn the basics of log home building and planning through their webinars. You can also learn how to specifically plan your bathrooms, kitchen and outdoor space in your log home design. This custom log house design shows how great designing your own home can be, but there are also log house designs that you can use to build your log home that takes the guess work out of planning. Enjoy checking out the photos of this custom designed log house and see what you think.***

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