The Future of Home Design Is Looking More and More Efficient, Compact and Customized

If you've been noticing more and more tiny home designs around from television shows to magazines, tiny house vacations to tiny house vacation homes you are not alone. The future of home design is looking more and more like tiny home designs with homes that are efficient, compact and customized. It's an exciting time in home design with innovation and invention at the forefront of building industry trends. Some of the popular trends in tiny house designs include tiny houses on wheels, tiny house designs, treehouses and more. The following are just some of the future home trends that you will be seeing.

1. You may soon be hearing about the zero energy ready, which is the new efficiency standard. Zero Energy Ready or ZER for short is todays gold standard in efficient home designs. This efficiency standard in home design was created by the United States Department of Energy in 2008, and the program has over 14,000 homes that are energy-efficient which results in millions of dollars in energy savings. The goal of a Zero Energy Ready Home is to be capable of being powered by energy resources that are renewable and to create a healthy and a comfortable environment that is durable enough so that it can stand the test of time.

2. Another of the new home trends that you will see more and more of is that smart homes are going mainstream. These days it should come as no surprise that technology is also becoming part of the homes we live in. While some people might not like the idea of a fully automated home, there are benefits and efficiencies that can come from homes with automated products. You will see more and more of these automated products with the most popular one being the Nest Learning Thermostat. This magic device that learns your patterns then modifies the temperature in your house accordingly on its own. Other products you will find include the AT&Ts Digital Life system that offers an integrated security system along with energy monitoring and even water leak detection in your house. These automated systems are controlled from your tablet or smart phone, which allows you to operate your home whether you are home or at the office.

3. When it comes to homes micro and tiny house designs are huge.

When tiny house design themed reality shows are on television, you know that these tiny homes are more than just a passing trend. Some of the popular tiny house shows include Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Nation, and Tiny House Builders. People just can't seem to get enough of these tiny house designs from micro homes to tiny houses on wheels and more. Tiny home designs are an affordable option for people all over the world and are slowly changing the way we look at homes. People are using tiny homes for full-time living, as guest houses, artist studios, and vacation homes the options are endless.

4. One of the biggest trends in home designs is one that everyone can be happy about. And this home design trend doesn't have to do with the home but rather where the home is located. Where a home is located is just as important as the home itself. The proximity of a home in walkable communities with a mix of uses adds to the individual property value and helps to strengthen the local tax base.

You will find these tiny house designs on the Fortune site. Some of the ideas you will find on the site include tech, leadership, venture, most powerful women, automotive, energy and environment, finance and so much more. **

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