The Northwest Haven Is a Luxurious Tiny House Was Listed at $97,000

Just when you think you've seen the nicest tiny house on wheels out there, along comes another one to set the bar even higher. Tiny house designs just keep better and better, and you will want to take a look at this tiny house on wheels that takes tiny house living to a whole new level. You have to see the photos of this small house on wheels to appreciate its overall design. If a tiny house can be luxurious than this tiny house design fits the bill.

Prices for these small custom houses on wheels start at $89,900 for the base model package. Their base models are very extensive in all that they include. The company does however highly suggest customizing their tiny house designs even further to expand and build off of the base packages so customers can create a personalized match for themselves. In the tiny house package, most everything that you need is included in the package. That are needed is included within the custom package. They have no last minute add-ons or hidden fees. The only price difference in the custom tiny house package that occurs is with the size of unit, and the customization of the building materials and the floor layouts. That means you might choose to add off-grid capabilities and technological or structural additions; these will cost you more. They dont charge for delivery of their tiny house designs. No matter where you are in the contiguous United States. They do not believe in going over the stated amount, and they will not take longer to build your tiny home than they say it will. The average time from beginning to end in the tiny home building process is between 90-120 days.

A popular question when it comes to tiny homes on wheels is whether or not you need a permit to build or spend time in a tiny house on wheels. Typically, no permits are needed on your end when it comes to tiny houses on wheels. It depends on where you live, but usually, there are no taxes to park a tiny house design. Codes and zoning laws can vary from city to city so it is recommended that you talk to your local jurisdiction to clarify where you can park your tiny home design. The company is technically a Travel Trailer Manufacturer, so you can drive your tiny house on wheels down the road anytime you want. You dont need to have an escort service or to call ahead to get a permit. These tiny house designs are mobile and flexible. And if you decide to keep it in one spot, it's good to know that the homes are built to be stable and structurally sound whether they are sitting or moving. These tiny house designs on wheels are long lasting and durable.

This is just one of the small houses on wheels you will find on the Tiny Heirloom site. This tiny house design company makes custom built tiny homes and DIY tiny house shells to get the home of your dreams. This tiny house business is a family run company that holds their values and principles close to heart in every decision that they make. They strive to design tiny houses that are as unique as their owners and have over ten years of experience in residential construction, so they are good at what they do. They know that downsizing to create a more simple and free life is one of the draws of tiny house living and they understand how important the design of your tiny home should be. **

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