You Have Got To See This Gorgeous Westport Log Home

Building your very own log house can be an exciting endeavour, especially if you find a great company to build it for you. Honest Abe Log Homes is one of those great companies in the US, and they have been creating log home packages for more than 35 years. They mill their own logs and put together the custom log home packages at our National Headquarters in Moss, Tennesee, and they have locations all over the US. Many log home building companies don't manufacture their own log home packages or mill their own wood, and it can actually be pretty rare to find ones that do. A lot of companies will have someone else do the milling for them, or they may even get materials milled in other countries like China.

But Honest Abe has a consistent inventory of timbers that they can use to build their log home packages. This makes a smooth building process for their customers as they will be able to start production right away.

They use only the highest quality Eastern White Pine to build their log houses, and all of the logs are dried completely using air-drying and kiln-drying techniques so that they will have minimal cracking and won't be subject to mould and insect infestations. The drying process also creates a more stable log which will create tighter joints, and that makes for a more secure and airtight home. They also prepare their log home building packages very carefully for shipping. Each of the pre-cut logs will be numbered and wrapped with the rest of the logs that go with that specific project. Then they are carefully bundled for transportation and delivery to your land. Usually, once your log home arrives, the building process can begin, and either you or a contractor can start on assembling the log house. Since each of the pieces is labelled, the assembly process is very simple, and even those with no previous building experience can successfully build their own homes. When it comes to planning out your log home, Honest Abe Log Homes is also very helpful in getting your ideas and putting them into a design. They use a 3-D modelling program to create your log house designs which will then become the blueprint for your log home kit so that the manufacturers can get every log cut perfectly to create your home.

This log home called the Westport is just one of the many log house designs from Honest Abe Log Homes. The home has 2,060 square feet and 2 stories with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. A very beautiful log house design with a peaked roof and dormers on either side of the main peak. They also added in a lot of windows as well which looks really stunning from the exterior and adds a lot of light to the interior of the home as well. Windows are always a great idea in any home design as they always let in more light and the surrounding views. This home also has a lot of great deck space on the outside too. Inside, the ceilings are nice and high, creating that airy feeling. In the living room, they left the beautiful wooden beams exposed with their steel plates adding to the luxurious feel of the home. The stone fireplace is also a great feature in the living room. The bedrooms in this home are huge, and the ensuite is a dream come true with a jacuzzi and a stand-up shower. Check out more photos of the finished product and see if you can imagine yourself enjoying life in this log house.***

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