You Will Definitely Love This Lake Buckhorn Log Home

Have a look at the Lake Buckhorn log home from Wallnut Valley Log Homes. One of their beautiful log house designs from their collection of 20 designs. This log house has everything you could need and more. Designed in more of a traditional log home style, the home feels very warm and welcoming to all that enter. The build itself is incredible, built up on a hilltop in the forest. The landscaping done around the house is also impressive with all of the different large rocks, stones and even some stone walls. The home is handcrafted completely out of round logs, done in a traditional log home building style. On the outside, the log profile is rounded, but on the inside, it's flat which makes it easier to place furniture against the walls and to hang art and decorations around the house. The cathedral ceilings are one of the great features of this home as well as the large feature wall of windows facing out to the best views of the property. There's also a great deck outside of the living room with ample space for outdoor furniture and a barbeque to grill meals on. Warm days would be happily spent lounging out on this deck.

Inside the living room is a stone wood burning fireplace and comfortable oversized furniture. One of the other areas that Wallnut Valley Log Homes specializes in is their staircases and railings which are all built out of real, natural logs. They handcraft these staircases and railings to match the rest of the log house design and to fit in with the natural, traditional look of the home. The staircase is also one of the main features of this home as it is located in the living room area. They crafted the stairs out of full logs that have been cut in half and to the length that fit best in the space. Since the staircase creates a flow from one part of the house to another, it's important that it's not too imposing, but that it is beautiful enough to flow with the rest of the design. There is also a basement in this log house which is wonderful for expanding the space even more and adding more bedrooms and lounging space. Many people will put a bar, a theatre or a games room in their basement to make the best use out of it. Sometimes it becomes a space for the kids to go and hang out.

This home also features an impressive office space which would make working from home a pleasure. There are also fireplaces in nearly every room of this house making it nice and cozy in the winter time. Wallnut Valley Log Homes operates out of Sugarcreek, Ohio so if you live in that area and you're thinking of building a log house of your own, you could have them design and build one for you. You can work off of any of their log house designs including this one, or you can create a completely custom design of your own. They strive to provide the best customer service throughout the entire log home building process resulting in beautiful homes and happy customers. If you already have your piece of land, you can start to plan your log house design. Start by looking at different log houses online or in person if you can and take notice of which ones stand out the most to you. Even if you're not in the market for a log house, it's still very impressive and inspiring to look at the different log houses out there and admire them.***

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